“The Shining” and main character’s obsessive thoughts

In the postmodern society people fly the nest very fast. This is due to the fact that everyone are getting more individual and the expectation of “the perfect behavior” is rising which can have an effect on the mental health. It can automatically, from a small age, lead to obsessive thoughts and a desire to be perfect.

According to a psychiatric page does 1% of all the world’s kids have the disease, and 2% are going to experience it in a lifetime. It can depend on a lot of things, and also be hereditary, but often it turns back to the expectation about the perfect behavior and the perfect front. This essay wants to light up the subject obsessive thoughts and show its importance and influence.

Then, by making an analysis of “The Shining”, this paper will show that kids are much more than just cute faces and often hides everything and every thought inside.

Already early in the movie, the genre fantasy is shown. In the first scene mentioned, the movie is throwing “ques” out. Danny’s voice in his head is saying he doesn't want to go, because “he just doesn’t.” as he says. Many kids have a fantasy friend, but this is different.

In this scene it looks normal and just shows a boy who doesn't want to leave his save surroundings, but from the look on his face and the weird music in the background, it gives the viewers a suspicious feeling about the hotel. In the real world the most hotels aren’t placed so far away from everything, but in 23:42, the scene is showing the hotel is placed deserted.

The two twins are often seen in this movie, and it is also a classic fantasy genre features. It could be a symbol of his childhood, because they appear when he is acting like a child. Kids are in general very hard to understand and often try to make another truth than the real one. Sometimes random blood flows around in the hallway. Blood is a general symbol of dead, and it underlines all the deaths in the hotel’s past. Blood is red, and red can in a negative way symbolise aggression. And that is the development the father experience throughout the movie: going from good to bad.

That is two opposites, that in general is a typical movie thing. A thing that also is connected to the fantasy genre is the music and the sound effects. For example in 33:41 the sound is getting very loud and wheezily, which makes an uncomfortable feeling to the viewers. It is a movie filled with symbols and hidden meanings, that Danny is aware of shallow his ability to “shine”.

The labyrinth is for example very important in this movie. As the arrival, Wendy described the place as a labyrinth, and it turns out to be the reason to the fathers death in the end. Typical that the good beats the bad.

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