A future with clothes made of will, desire and sustainable thoughts | essay

In this essay I will analyze the challenges that fast fashion has led to. I will discuss the importance of CSR, why companies have to focus on that, and why we, as customers, have to buy clothes with wisely. Maybe is the right answer right in front of all of us.

Right now, the world is in big problems. We are witnesses to the global warming, plastic floating around on land and in oceans, killing the animals and the corals and we see unbelievable big forest fires destroying our planet.

But should we people walk around with bad conscience every time we buy a new piece of clothes? Luckily a lot of brands have CSR as a big part of their business models, and they know how to embrace it in the best way.

The more brands who focuses on CSR, the easier it gets for customers to buy it sustainable. But fast fashion is still a thing, and that’s a problem because synthetics fibers, that a lot of the clothes are made of, wont decay when we get rid of it .

A lot of people want to be organic, and therefore they want to be sure where their food is coming from. But just like that, we should also be aware about where our clothes are from, and how it’s made.

Sustainability is a keyword to describe the way brands have to move, and the new fashion brands that are emerging right now knows, that CSR and the responsibility of making it a part of their vision and future decisions, is important.

And we have to appreciate that, because I think it’s a step that is taking the fashion industry to another level.

But we also have to thank ourselves for that. Medias and experiences are showing us the direction the planet is getting closer to.

It’s telling our minds, that there are no planet B. We want to make a difference where we can, at least most of us wants to, and fashion is a good way to start.

We can get at least as nice clothes there are sustainable than unsustainable clothes. We want to know if the brands are making their clothes sustainable, and if we don’t get the right answer, it’s easy to find another brand with the right statement .

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