Who made my clothes | Afsætning | 10 i karakter

The ascending focus on sustainability is bringing along many new initiatives in the business world. Especially, the textile industry has had to implement several new initiatives in a sustainable cause.

In the last few years one of the most relevant topics in the social debate has been how to save the planet and prevent the climate from being harmed as much as previously done by the material buying behavior, many consumers tend to have all around the world.

It seems that this has brought a new alternative behavior and demand from the consumers. The consumers now, more than ever, cares about the sustainable actions, the companies do.

In order for the consumers to consume in this rate, some textiles are needed to be produced. This is perhaps the link in the business model, where the companies do the performs unforgiveable actions.

In order for the companies to gain the most profit as possible, they hire cheap, and even child labors to produce the clothes, because of the very small wage they ‘’require’’.

A study by Oxfam found that it takes just four days for a CEO from one of the top five global fashion brands to earn what a Bangladeshi garment worker will earn in a lifetime.

70% of Americans believe companies have an obligation to take actions to improve issues that may not be relevant to their everyday business.

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