1. Pangma-La and her father have a relationship build on high expectations from the father.
2. The fairytale elements is used in a modern style and there is several of them used.
3. Themes in fairytales are often lessons and advices for different target groups.

Pangma-La is a Scottish girl, who lives with her father and mother. Pangma-La has her unusually name after a shining mountain, and it was her father who chose the name, because he is a famous mountaineer.

Pangma-La is submissive to her father, and she does whatever he asks her to do, because she does not want to disappoint him.

It is shown quite a few times when she thinks about the decisions she makes, and what their consequences can be. She says several times that she would not disappoint her father.

It is for example shown on the plane, when she is going to Nepal: “Pangma-La woke up frightened and wanting her mother, but she said nothing, for she was afraid her father would be disappointed in her.”(The Shining Mountain, p. 19, vv. 23-25).

There are many elements telling us that we are dealing with a fairy tale. It is everything from the home-out-home model to the “magical” numbers, a concrete beginning (once upon a time), and much more.

The story begins with the word “once”. You can argue that “once” is a shortened version of the phrase “once upon a time”, and it is definitely used, because people like beginnings where you can sit down and enjoy something that is easy to imagine.

However it does not have the famous phrase in the end “and they lived happily ever after” as many, especially old, fairy tales contain.


One of the most important things in fairy tales are the themes and the morale. The morale is the reason to make a fairy tale, and fairy tales are the direct connection to different target groups, when the writer wants people to learn something.

It is very common that the theme is something about love, growing up (Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, The Three Little Pigs, and so on) and dissimilarity (The Beauty and the Beast).