Tesco engelsk aflevering | PR Assistant | Manuscript for speech

Hello everyone, and welcome at the London School of Economics. My name is xxx and I am glad to see so many of you today. I am a PR assistant at Tesco and today I would tell you about some of Tesco´s current problems and then I will try to give you an insight into how a company like Tesco acts. If you have any questions, then pleas give them to me after my presentation or put a finger up. To you that doesn’t know what Tesco is, then Tesco is one of the biggest retail company in the United Kingdom. In the beginning, Tesco was just selling fruit, meat bread and so on. Today Tesco are getting a lot bigger, and the shops selling everything from daily goods to furniture’s and even houses. But, this is front side of the whole story, because Tesco have had some badly years in our history. I have worked for Tesco in 10 years and I love this company. I like being a part of such a gigantic and interesting business.

Tesco is the third biggest retailer in the world and is a multinational corporation which operate in 14 countries across Asia, Norths America and Europe. I can tell you a little fact about us, 1 in 7 pounds in England is spending in a Tesco store. Today we are sharing around 30% of the market in UK. However, we are a big and famous company isn’t always easy. This I why I am her today, to tell you about our problems and talk about our company. First I will tell you about some of the current problems that Tesco has had and secondly I will provide you with an insight into Tesco´s strategy. Finally, I will be talking about the changing consumer behavior that has taken place of the internet and smartphones.

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