Welcome. We are gathered here today to discuss a very important topic we are dealing with across the world. My name is Ken Murthy, and I am the CEO of the supermarket chain store, Tesco.

I believe, we as managers of supermarket chains have a responsibility to make sure we are doing the right thing.

We need to make sure that we are developing our stores the right way to a greener future with less food waste, and more green and sustainable products.

In addition, Tesco believes that if you are going to make the world greener, you must focus on the huge food waste that is lost.

Food wasted worldwide, may be responsible for four percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. (p. 4 ll. 36-37)

The way to reduce food waste is to report it. We can see the problem already starts out on the farms, where food is wasted.

In our report, the total amount is a billion tons higher than expected. (p. 5 ll. 8-10).