Hello everyone, my name is Naia, and I am a student of marketing and economics here at Stanford University.

Today I am here to talk to you all about a store that we all know and love - McDonald's. You might think, why am I here to talk about McDonald’s

isn’t that boring. But there is a lot of exciting questions that you can ask about them, such as, why is it that McDonald's has been in a slump ever since 2014?

Making the menus more local, means that a menu available here in the US, will not be available in a country like Germany, this will allow the different franchises to customize their menus

and deciding which items they want and which they don’t. By getting rid of menu items, it will be a much better and faster experience for both the consumers but also the workers.

By doing all these things McDonald’s is slowly but surely pulling more costomers into their stores and reversing their declining sales. And as Bet Kowitt said “People don’t believe, anymore in what they have to offer.