McDonalds – Assignment | Engelsk HHX

Assignment 1
1. Why has the McDonald´s been loosing customers in recent years?
2. What is the purpose of the new advertising campaign?
3. Why is McDonald´s abandoning the idea of moving its staff around in the restaurant?

Assignment 2
1. Comment on McDonald´s changes in staff policy, and write about the importance of having a good working environment.

a. The idea of not moving the staff around the restaurant is very good. It will definitely improve their service, because they will have the best staff in the area where they are working best. It means that the staff who loves talking to the customers will be at the front desk, servicing the customers. People are different, and some would not be happy about servicing the customers, but may prefer to be in the kitchen cocking. It is very important that the staff enjoys working, and feel comfortable with their job. It will also help the staff improve their skills at the working areas, so they are the best at the thing they do. If you enjoy your job, and is good at it, it makes a better working environment.

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