Hello everyone, thank you all for coming, I'm glad to see so many here. My name is Laura and I study marketing and economics at Stanford university in California.

Today I want to fill you in, and talk about something we all know, McDonald’s. We are all familiar with situations where Mcdonald’s has been a lifesaver in our everyday life, whether you do not have the time to cook, or just don't want to cook.

McDonald's is an easy and for some a delicious solution and they have always been a support, in the rush hours.

More and more people are getting dragged to the healthier option, and McDonald’s tries to keep up with the growing desire for healthier food by adding salad and lighter items to their menu.

Besides this, they plan to get rid of some menu items. The reason they want to get rid of some of the menus is to highlight the customer's favourites and in that way make the whole process faster.

It will be faster and easier for both the customers and the crew to eat there, and make the whole work environment better and by that get a higher employee retention.