Good evening.
My name is Johanna Lykke, I am a student at the University of London.

I am very pleased to be speaking to all of you today, on a topic that unfortunately has been very overlooked - racism and inequality.

Unfortunately we see many different cases of inequality based on racism. It happens every day, every hour and even in this moment as we sit here wrong choices are being made due to racial descremination. But why are these racist actions still taking place?

I recently came across an article on PNAS. In the Article By Elisabeth Wringley Field, Department of Sociology in Minnesota.

By using demographic models and US life tables, she found out that confirmed COVID deaths are more than 2.5 times higher for Black people than whites people.

But there is an explanation behind. If you look at the racial wage gap, In America as of 20202 where black families have a median household income of only 41.000$, whereas white families in the U.S have a median household income of at least 70.000$.

This big racial wage gap is due to the history In The United states. An education is very expensive and as we just learned in the upper statistics

black people have an overall way lower income than the white people, so therefore it is harder for a family to pay for their child's education and without a good education, a good paid job is hard to find in the U.S.

So most of the African Americans' futures in the United states, are very much based on family inheritance and without the government's help an education, or even a simple thing that many of us take for granted.