Code Switching speech | Noter i engelsk

Have you ever caught yourself changing a way of talking? Change your language expression from, for example, Formal to informal

"This is really cool" to "This is dope," if you talk to someone who usually uses these terms? Take just a moment to think about a case where you change your expression, whether you're talking to business partners, good friends, your kids, or your grandchildren.

But what I've learned to be in that business is the most fundamental thing for my comment with other people. Since I cracked the method behind code-switching

it has never been so easy to sell my product and to score great girls despite my appearance. And that's because it's all about matching the profiles and the person you're talking to, you can match the person so that in a split second you get to eye level with the person.

When you as a person run a business or help lead one, it is important to focus on code-switching among people with minority backgrounds.

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