When Joe Biden won the election in 2020, the United States' attention to the environment increased. Their government went from republican to democratic, resulting in a huge impact on environmental policy, with Biden as the leader.

During the past few years, our society has become a lot more conscious, about what of an ongoing badly off track the world is on.

He starts his speech briefly and gets straight to the point. To provoke Biden`s point, he uses direct discourse “Will we act? Will we do what is necessary?... Or will we condemn future generations to suffer? ”.

He does this kind of introduction, to get straight on what`s the COP26 leaders’ statement is about, namely Climate change.

Furthermore, by doing so he gets his audience's attention, intending to create wonder, whether there needs to be done more for the climate or not.

The main receivers of a speech, at a Climate Change Conference, are those, who were invited. In this case, the world’s leaders, who deal with environmental policy.

In his communication, he uses plenty of linguistic features. “We can do this. We just have to choose to do it ”, he says. Here is a request for action.

As Joe Biden`s last words he says: “God bless you all, and may God save the planet. ” Lots of higher officials uses this kind of metaphor, to make the speech more holy. Leading to, if we don’t do what’s necessary, God is our only savior.

At the same time, Biden makes use of modes of persuasion, and more precisely Pathos. When he addresses, if we will condemn future generations to suffer.