When Joe Biden won the election in 2020, the United States' attention to the environment increased. Their government went from republican to democratic, resulting in a huge impact on environmental policy, with Biden as the leader.

During the past few years, our society has become a lot more conscious, about what of an ongoing badly off track the world is on. What of an impact the greenhouse effect has.

One of Biden`s main goals, which contributed to his election, was to keep the goal of limiting global warming to just 1.5 degrees Celsius.

At the same time, Biden makes use of modes of persuasion, and more precisely Pathos. When he addresses, if we will condemn future generations to suffer.

Appealing to the audiences’ emotions and evokes their pity to do what’s right. Which once again helps to achieve the audience attention and make it more personal, in some way.

In addition, some examples of Biden trying to personalize, when addressing “we ”, “all of us ”, and “our ” quite a few times.

By doing so, first results in making his speech more understandable, secondly, it gives the U.S citizens a national feeling. That the only right way to stop the ongoing climate change is by doing it together.