Joe Biden Gettysburg Speech | Analytical essay

It is not an easy task to put together a speech that touches on both emotions and key political issues. But that is what it takes, when a future president is talking to the people.

To touch deep feelings, relevant to both individuals, communities and culture. How does Joe Biden manage to capture votes from both sides of the political spectrum, using this speech?

The last discourse is the American dream. That everyone can achieve anything. Thereby he “attracts” the republican voters, that believe in nationalism and pride of their country and its culture that the American dream plays a big part in.

Conversely, it can be interpreted in favor of democratic values. A better welfare system can rise a country and its citizens and by that also giving more people the opportunity to live the American dream, just as the few former presidents mentioned.

Rhetorical devices are used, to point out his opinions and plan of action for the future. Biden also needs to be aware of his use of language to seek voters and to create a positive picture of his person and a clear picture of his political opinions.

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