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It takes place in Delaware. It is a very modern speech, since it is only a little over a month old. It is from November 7, 2020, when he won the election, and became the 46th President of America. Delaware was not one of the swing states, as he had a clear majority among the people of Delaware, and that was also one of the reasons he chose to give the speech there.

There were many turned up in the hall despite the corona pandemic. His family was there, and the governor.

The audience was, of course, very happy and jubilant about Biden's victory, and it was highly likely that only Democrats attended the victory speech.

Delaware is a state that is not poor, most have a job, and it is generally a very middle-class state in terms of economy, it is therefore probably also reflected in the public, and that is probably also one of the reasons why he has chosen that state.