Joe Biden speech | Analysis | 10 i karakter

Joe Biden, the newly elected president, made the speech, as his victory speech on the 7 of November as it was clear he won the race against Trump

we will take a look at his rhetorical devices and look, and make a conclusion on whether it’s a good or a bad victory speech. We also want to assess if Joe Biden’s message is clear.

Analyze Joe Biden’s speech. You may concentrate on one or two parts, however, you need to read it in its entirety.

- Introduction:
- 1. Rhetorical instruments:
- 2. Ideas and Values in the speech:
- Conclusion:

His main battle is to control the virus and try to build prosperity in the nation while trying to secure healthcare for the average American.

Donald Trump did not see covid-19 as a serious problem at first, it seems like Joe Biden will handle this difficulty completely differently.

One of Joe Biden’s other priorities is to achieve racial justice. He wants to root out systemic racism in the USA, unlike President Donald Trump.

Systemic racism was a popular topic for most of Donald Trump's reign, but he never seemed to take action. Another very relevant topic Joe Biden mentions in his speech is climate changes.

Joe Biden's opinion about the climate is obvious and clear. He wants to save our planet by getting the climate changes under control, which is a big contrast to Donald Trump who did not prioritize the changing climate in his reign.

Donald Trump mainly focused on improving the USA's economy and maintaining alignments with other countries.


I think that the speech strikes through to the listener. Joe Biden briefly touches on serious topics that are up to dates, such as Covid-19, healthcare and systemic racism.

Joe is a well-argued man who knows how to write a speech. It is clear to see that he has a lot of personal stances, too many different topics. Joe Biden is good at using the different forms of appeal in his speech.

He is especially good at using ethos, which is the form of appeal that plays on people's emotions. He is very clear in his communication with the recipients of the speech. He speaks a language that is understandable for the ordinary American.

Therefore, I believe that the speech will most certainly create hope and faith for many Americans. It is a speech to remember in years to come!

I am convinced that he is speaking on behalf of many when he says that everyone should have a fair chance in life. I firmly believe his message is crystal clear for everyone!

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