Joe Biden Speech 2020 | Analysis

Joe Biden spoke to the democratic national convention 2020, by the accepting party´s presidential nomination. Known as the best speech given, he had given in his 47 years of public service.

Trump and his campaign have been trying for months to smear Joe Biden as a doddering, senile 77- year-old who is being controlled by nefarious left-wing forces in the Democratic Party.

But his smooth performance made those attacks now seem like an expectations-lowering miscalculation. But this will become clear in November if Trump is right or not.

In his speech, Joe Biden criticized President Donald Trump´s struggle to contain the coronavirus pandemic and called for a sweeping response to combat the crisis. Joe Biden sought to offer solace to a country confronted by the multiple challenges of a pandemic, social unrest, and an economic crisis, and ked by a president unequal to those challenges.

Here he uses pathos, because people are scared for their jobs, and in general how their future is going to turn out. So, he speaks to people’s emotions and assures them that he can save them if they just trust him by voting for him and not Donald Trump.

I chose to take a closer look at page one of Joe Biden´s speech...

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