The video is made by a community of “changemakers” worldwide. It is a video about what happens with the stuff we buy and the stuff we consume.

In the video, they present a system that our stuff moves trough, from collecting the resources to throwing it out. The system is divided into 6 groups that is Introduction, Extraction, Production, Distribution, Consumption, Disposal.

Account about consumerism: Story of stuff:
My opinion about consumerism:
One of my shopping experiences:

Because if everyone was saving their money, we would definitely be seeing a lot more people without a job, because if we consume we spent money on the firms that give us jobs.

But consumerism can also damage the environment because if we buy a lot, there have to be a lot of production.


For a couple of months ago, I went shopping with my mom, and we went to Rosengårdcentret, which is the local mall with all kind of shops. Then we went through a lot of shops because we were looking for something to give my sister as a birthday present.