1. Give an account of what makes people happy and what does not, as expressed in the three texts (400 words).
2. Taking your starting point in one of the texts discuss whether or not technology leads to more happiness (300 – 400 words).

“Technology and happiness” by James Surowieckis

Right now, I have the thought, that the new iPhone 6s would make me the happiest person in the world. I had the same thought about my iPhone 5s but I was just happy the first three days and after that, I was like all the other people with an iPhone 5s.

Everyone has the same thoughts as me; they may be thinking that if they buy the newest car or phone or anything other new on the market, they will be happier than before.

This kind of happiness is described in James Surowieckis article “Technology and Happiness”. In the article we are told, that people is not happier now, than they were in 1946. The three texts are illustrating happiness in different ways.

Nowadays Everybody, especially the teenagers, has smartphones. We use them for everything: entertainments, messages, Facebook and Twitter.

We are avid to entertainment and we get it from the internet, and that means that we use our smartphones the whole time. We think that it makes us happier than we already are, but maybe it is a brake block for us?

James Surowiecki claims in his article “Technology and happiness” that the society is more depressed than the Amish are, and he argues that the Amish seem to prefer stability, which make their happiness levels higher than the rest of the society’s.