Written assignment to the book ”Stone Cold”

1) Make a short summary of the plot. (a maximum of 200 words).

2) Characterize Link. Why did he become homeless?
- How does he describe life in the streets?
- Comment on the end of the story – how do you think life will go on for Link?

3) Characterize Shelter. (image)
- How does he see himself?
- How does he get in touch with his victims?
- Comment on the way he creates himself an image of being a “Mr. Nice-Guy”.

4) Discuss the theme of homelessness.

Stone cold is a story with 2 main characters, what we follow these 2 persons are 2 completely different persons. We get to different perspective about homeless people, because of these two main characters. First off all, we have Link:

Link had a good life, until his mother gets a new boyfriend called Vince. He is embarrassed of being homeless in his own town, because his old classmates sees him being homeless. Link therefore ran away to London. In London, he meets a homeless guy called Ginger. Ginger learn Link how to survive as a homeless guy.

The main character and Ginger was getting along very well. Suddenly Ginger was gone, and Link was very worried for him. Link was looking for Ginger when he met Gail. Ginger fell in love with Gail, but I wasn’t mutual.

Now to Shelter. Shelter is improvised name, and it is a part of Shelter image for being a nice guy. Shelter is an old solider that has mental problems. He has a need to kill homeless people. He kills around 7 people, and the second last one is Ginger, Link’s friend. By killing Link, he also got discovered. Link found out that Shelter was the murder, and he got arrested by the police.

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