‘Stone Cold’ by Robert Swindell | Analysis

1. Write a short summary of Robert Swindells' novel Stone Cold in about 125 words.

2. Write an analytical essay (700-900 words) in which you analyse and interpret the novel. Your essay must focus on one of the main characters.

Include the following analytical terms in your essay: composition, point of view, style, main theme


Robert Swindell’s novel Stone Cold (1993) is a story about homeless Link, who, in the presence of his homeless bud Ginger, makes it through the day on the streets of London.

The former military vet Shelter is furious with the homeless people for rotting up the country and thus, he sees it as his mission to get rid of them.

Suddenly, Ginger disappears and shortly after his disappearance, Link falls in love with a girl named Gail. Due to suspicions about abductions of homeless people, they begin to investigate the matter.

Together, they find out about Shelter’s illegalities as well as the murder of Ginger. Ultimately, Gail reveals her true identity as a reporter working undercover and they all separate.

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