A Fable – by Robert Fox | Analytical essay

Titel: “A Fable” (1966)
Forfatter: Robert Fox
Genre: Short story
Teksten kan findes i antalogien The Lift, s. 31-34.

She also describes him as “good, and gentle, and kind” when asked why she loves him. This, however, is not something the girl can know, after just meeting the man.
We do not get to know the characters very well; we do not even get their names. This gives an open interpretation, about whom the story is about.
The story starts off a little bit creepy, where the man is staring at the woman, and the mother gets uncomfortable. He then approaches the woman and tells her how deeply in love with her he is. She seems a bit intrigued and a bit confused maybe, and ignores her mother’s warning about not answering the man.


The type of shallow love is also seen in the typical, old-school gender roles. The man is asked:
"Do you have a car?" she asked. "Not yet," he said. "But I should be able to get one pretty soon. And a house, too." "A house?" "With lots of rooms."

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