‘The Fox Cub’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Essay “The Fox Cub” (2014)

Short story (the fox cub) about two teenagers meeting in playfield Marie a thirteen-years-old girl, she is new in the village, she seems too grown up from her age, she is talking about having sex.

And Rachel she is innocence girl, Rachel hangs out with Marie sometimes, but she is completely different from Marie she is living in the village and she is interested to get to know more about Marie’s life.


We always ask: Is life fair enough with us? we ask ourselves and the others. We try every time to find the answer from our personal experiences or what we heard.

it is a big challenge that started from innocence and childhood if it is a successful and happy, or lost childhood That is because it is the basis of our personalities and it has a great impact to everyone and with all steps of life.

This is what “Jackie Brewster” deals with in the short story” the fox cub” and this essay will focus on the relationship between the main character and Marie.

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