Crumbling American Dreams | Noter Analyse | Robert D. Putnam

Port Clinton, Ohio was the place that in the 1950s was considered to fulfill the American dream. His generation grew up in a healthy and wholesome society with many opportunities to ensure a good life.

But if you look a century later, the American dream falls apart. It all started when the wealthy kids parked the BMW convertible at the Port Clinton High School party next to the dilapidated "junkers.

If one were to find a solution to reverse this development, I would first of all ask myself whether the American dream is achievable? For some, this dream is achievable, while for others it is only that dream.

In my opinion, I would think that the American dream is achievable, but harder than ever. This may be due to our volatile economy and inequality.

He says in his article "In 2012, the average Ottawa County worker had not had a real increase in four decades, and in fact, now paid about 16 percent less in inflation-adjusted dollars than his or her grandfather in the early 1970s."

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