The diary of Robert Barrow | Engelsk | Noter

11th February 1863
12th February 1863
13th February 1863
30th January 1865
31th January 1865

Today me and my wife Elisabeth were out looking for some workers, we came to a really fine place where we could look at the workers.

The workers were clean and stood naked so we could see how strong they were. Some of the workers had kids who were also purchasable.

After we were done looking, we found 2 strong men and 1 woman who was supposedly good at cooking, so we bought them. In total we or i paid 1300 dollars

we felt a little scammed because the woman hasn't stopped crying since we got here. I named the woman Betty

the men i named Isaac and Blacky because he is really black. Betty is gonna work in the kitchen and Isaac and Blacky is gonna work in the field with our other workers.

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