Dear diary,
Yet another day has passed here in the Abu Ghraib prison, and I must say that this is getting out of control. The other guards are now starting to bring in massive amounts of women and children and they are getting locked up alongside with the increasing number of male prisoners.

These people are given terrible conditions and are quite obviously vulnerable and fragile.

It’s breaking my heart to see these people getting this kind of horrendous treatment and I honestly wish I had the balls to stand up to the other guards but I’m too terrified because I don’t know the consequences of that action, shoot, I might even get thrown in with the other prisoners and get killed myself!

The prison itself has become filthy ever since we were stationed here, but over the last couple of days it has gotten noticeably worse however, the most noticeable thing here is that the treatment of the prisoners has rapidly escalated to something out of hand.

These prison guards are degrading, humiliating and stripping away the pride of these people, where most of them are innocent