Chuck Palahniuk ”Cold Calling” | English essay

Cultural differences are far from uncommon in the late modern society. Whether it’s on the streets, in the coffee shop or at work, different ethnicities live side by side. However, the fact that everyone is part of the same society often creates racial prejudices and stereotypes. Racism has an enormous impact on people’s involvement and will eventually result in mental breakdowns due to constant criticism and negative behavior.

“Cold Calling” by Chuck Palahniuk is a story about Bill Henderson, a phone salesman who is trying to sell the floor mop; “Wonder Wet Wiper”. Throughout his day, Bill calls numerus people from all over the US. Every time Bill calls someone they immediately assume that Bill is coming from either India or the middle east and won’t talk to him. They even call him racial names before hanging up on him. At one-point Bill calls a girl called Samantha with the same postal code as himself. However, she assumes that he is Indian as well and asks him if he rides his elephant to work. Bill decides to play along and tells Samantha that he’s got an elephant called Sinbad. The next day when Bill attends school as usual he tries to find Samantha who allegedly is a black girl from Zaire. In reality she is a white cheerleader to Bills surprise. Bill asks Samantha out but she refuses and tells him that she’s got a long-distance relationship with a Hindu boy. Bill gets mad because of the refusal and acts like the racist costumers he has been talking to. He scolds her for dating someone who is not Christian.

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