At the beginning of my essay, I'll start choosing 3 different people and quickly brief up their background and their view of being British. Thereafter will go analyze the different views of each person and characterize them, in the end, I ́ll discuss what it means to be British and whether Britishness will disappear in the future.

1Nadia Hussain is 32 years old and was born in Forest Gate East London in 1979. Nadia is originally from England, but her parents are from Pakistan and went to England in 1974. Nadia is not an only child, she has four brothers and sisters.

Nadia has grown up with racism where there were groups for Asians, whites, and blacks and she is getting worried about England's future "Britain is moving too fast and has lost its sense of Britishness". She does not think England is as it once was, the state thinks only of the economy and the social boundaries collapse.

She respects the teachers because the education system deteriorates at the same time as unemployment rises - Nadia is very worried about England's future in the long run.

Alan Ward is 65 years old and has retired after being an engineer. Alan is from Yorkshire in England and he is proud of it. He is proudly being a Yorkshireman, but something scares him.

He cannot find it in the youth. In Yorkshire, there are many foreigners and the community has become far worse. People live very separately, and it seems as they came to England and made it into a whole third country.