Written assignment for 23rd September

Field of tiers is a story about Rita and her grandfather. Rita has lost her parents so she really tries to take care of her 98 year old grandfather. Her grandfather lives in the hospital, because he started losing his balance three years ago.

One day when they were driving together, they were out into rolling fields and hills. They drove a few miles and suddenly came to some untouched land, which reminded her grandfather of the war he took part in.

Social Media does not only have disadvantages, it does also have some advantages. Social Media is for example a very good way of getting in contact with family, friends etc.

Social Media is also a very good place to interact with new people who has the same interests as you, because there’s so many people who are using the Social Media.

Social Media is also a good place to spread news really quickly even though if it is nationwide news or if it is news that needs to be spread across the globe.

Fashion does play a huge role in youth today as well. A lot of young guys or girls are being bullied because of the way they dress.

Maybe they’re not up to date, maybe their clothes looks dirty, maybe they just dress weird. I think it’s such a shame creating a bad first impression of each other because of the way they dress.

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