Aline Journey | Written analysis

Many refugee families from troubled parts across the world, flee their own countries with dreams of being able to improve their life quality and circumstances, for both themselves and their families.

The refugees put everything at risk, when they make the decision of fleeing their country illegally, with the knowing that if they get caught, they will either go to jail and or get sent back and never will be able to pursue their dreams of a better living situation. For some everything goes as planned and manage to flee with success, while others get caught and their dreams gets flushed. In the short story “Aline’s Journey” we hear about a family whose dream of a better life in the USA does not go as planned.

In “Aline’s Journey” we hear about how Aline is living with her brother (Jojo), her mother (Manman) and her dad (Papa), in a two-roomed concrete house, which sometimes gets flooded when it rains. The family is living in Sayira, Haiti.

By reading this, we can assume that the family is living in a crammed and not very safe house, that they live under poor living conditions, which is most likely, an effect of poverty. They want to leave Haiti to improve their life situations. Her father says, while they are packing, “Imagine, Aline. Now when it rains we can stay inside our house in Miami. No more waiting for the flood waters to die down before returning to our beds”. His words to Aline, explains that he wants to improve their living situation.

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