Analysis of Ailne’s Journey | by Edwidge Danticat | Engelsk

Ailne’s Journey is a short story by Edwidge Danticat who is a Haitian-American novelist and short story writer.

Ailne’s Journey tells the story of an innocent young Haitian girl and her family that are trying to escape from dangers at home to the shores of Miami.

In this essay, the main points of topic will be a characterization of the setting as well as the characters and what kinds of themes and messages may be hiding in the authors words.

The novel starts off with an introduction to our main set of characters; Aline, Papa, Manman, Jojo.

As the readers begin, it is very clear that Aline is not familiar with the harsh realities of the world. She only has knowledge of the things that occur in her daily life “We’re given a new set of gray clothes and told we’re going to Krome.

Are we going to see Papa? What a big hug I’ll give him. We don’t speak English so we can’t ask the guards anything” (p. 15). Aline does not realize the situation that she and her family are in and have been in since their entire journey started.

The character of Papa is unique in a way, because we only start to receive more detailed information on him towards the climax of the story.

One big hint that is dropped on the readers clearly portrays Papa as character with a sense of pacifism and anti-aggression “Papa looks sad and bony too.

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