Ethical Consumerism | HHX Engelsk

My topic is ethical consumerism and my source is an interview with Julian Lee on SkyNewsAustralia. The reporter and he are talking about his book “Clean living in a dirty world”. His book was a result of an assignment he was given by his employer.

Julian Lee was sent on an assignment for his newspaper, to be an ethical consumer for two days. Soon he realized two days was not enough for him to get into it. It ended up being an emotional journey for him and his family. He was surprised at how many products cause environmental problems. Ex: Many products contain palm oil (e.g. Cookies, Lipsticks and soap). To get palm oil you have fell the palms, and it causes the CO2 to fall. He also used a lot of time reading labels on various products. He also spends a lot of time calling different companies to ask what the different descriptions on the labels meant.

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