Consumerism | ArgumentativeeEssay

Before we can discuss whether Consumerism has a positive or negative print on society, we must understand what Consumerism is.

Consumerism is the theory, that the individuals who consume goods and services in large quantities are better set.

When we use consumerism in our everyday life, it often refers to individuals living in a capitalistic economy, living a lifestyle that revolves around excessive materialism and overconsumption.

On the one hand, consumerism enriches economic growth and especially entrepreneurs. A perfect example of an entrepreneur who has feasted upon consumerism is Nicholas Gilson.

Nicholas Gilson is the sole face behind the company Gilson Snow. Nicholas took an idea he had since his childhood and turned it into a successful business and with that, his profession.

"Every July the company hosts a Summer Snow Day festival with live music, free beer, and booths for local craftspeople.

About 1,300 people from California to New Jersey traveled to the festival this year" (The Soft Edge That's Landing Solid Sales.13).

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