Ethical questions raised by brain-computer interfaces | Analyse

BCI stands for Brain-computer-interface which is a technology that could possibly improve lives, helping disabled people get what they need the most, whilst giving us a better understanding of what disabled people think and feel.

However, we cannot fully rely on artificial intelligence, as one of the challenges which BCI technology needs to overcome is: Would they have full control over our actions and thoughts, by using BCI technology?

We, humans, tend to think one thing but do another thing, and it all sums down to how the individual's morals are placed concerning this topic.

Another thing Sasha Burwell & Eric Racine focus on in the article is how the media portray BCI and as usual, the media make it look like a god’s gift with no pitfall using the words “mind-reading” and “cure”

miscomprehending the patient's expectations that could result in the worst cases result in depression, but is it worth the risk and does it affect the social stigma of disability?

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