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1. Younger demographic young younger youngest
2. Older people old older oldest
3. Wrong Forums wrong more most
4. less room little less least
5. early 20’s early earlyer earliest
6. discurse climate discurse discursive discursived


According to Text 2, today's young people are already in more challenging circumstances than past generations, who had more advantages in terms of education, housing, employment, and pensions (ll. 9-10).

Brexit will primarily harm the young and the already underprivileged, according to Text 2. It backs up this claim with data showing that youth unemployment is high.

Text 1 also mentions the issue of Brexit harming the already vulnerable: “Young people here might have moral objections to the repercussions of Brexit, such as increasing inequality and misery among society's most vulnerable.”” (ll. 33-35).

Furthermore, Text 5 suggests that young people in the United Kingdom may face financial barriers to higher education in the EU.

In Maastricht, British students spend 2,000 euros per year in tuition, which is five times less than in the UK. This, however, may alter after Brexit. (01:04-01:20).