While you watch the documentary, Brexit Means Brexit: The Unofficial Version, answer the questions below as comprehensively as possible.

Take some good notes and hold on to them. The purpose is to get an idea of what Brexit means, its process, and some of its key figures.

1. What did Gina Miller achieve? And why was that significant?

2. Why was the election in Stoke seen as important? How did the election turn out?

3. Why did Theresa May decide to hold an election in 2017? What was the outcome?

4. What (positive/negative) impressions do we get of the different people in the documentary (e.g., Miller, Farage, May, Corbyn, the various Labour and Conservative politicians, the regular citizens interviewed, etc.)? Give some examples.

5. What impression of Brexit are we left with at the end of the documentary?

6. After you have watched: The documentary came out in 2017, and a lot has happened since. What?

- Gina Miller sued the government. She was a single mother, with a handicap child. She didn’t have any support from any political parties, and actually did this because she saw herself, as the drop that would start a stream.

She sued the government, because the government not only didn’t let voting take place, but they also took away the right to debate from the politicians.

- This was significant because she won, and the debates could take place. The debate ended in mostly voting yes.

2. Why was the election in Stoke seen as important? How did the election turn out?
- A “governor” stepped out, and this was kind of a pre-vote moment. Therefor very important. The city of stoke wanted change and choose not to vote labour party as they used to.

- Paul Nuttal is investigated, because he is suspected to live in Liverpool and not Stoke.

- UKIP loses, and Labour wins again, even though they were doubtful.

- Paul Nuttal is devastated, it is a disaster, they lose by 2000 votes.