Brexit is a popular theme in UK. Both aged and young people are disusing, should UK leave Europe or stay. There are many points of views on what UK need to do.

Many people begin to demonstrate against Brexit and make campaigns, to try to convince the people, why they should not leave the EU.

Just inside for few years they will fell that their freedom will be affected. They may feel they have to make a choice they do not feel like.

Brexit could do that people are necessary to stopping their dreams of working and livening in Europe. People are voting without knowing that they are voting for.

“We did not know what Brexit means. There was a manifesto, and until we get the final Brexit deal, and we see the reality of Brexit is, and how it matches up what was promised.

People still don’t know what they voted for.”2 Madeleina Kay meaning that people in UK are not inform of which consequences it will have for leaving Europe.

People vote just to vote. It is too vague about the consequences of leaving the EU. She feels it is safer to stay in the EU.

Young people voting strongly against but will end up paying for Brexit “And if we go ahead with Brexit, whether a bad deal or, even worse, no deal.