Social media and its consequences

My name is Michael George. I am a student at Stanford University. Currently I am busy studying the relationship between man and technology which is also the reason why I am here today. For the next 8 minutes I am here to hopefully bring you new and valuable information about social media and its impact on the youth of the 21st century.

I welcome any questions you might have, but it would be pleasing if you could wait until the end of my presentation. For now, let us begin.

The world has never seemed smaller. Communicating with people across the globe has never been easier. Inequality is shrinking.

All this might sound positive, and trust me, it is. However, underneath this fantastic surface that we call social media lies a glooming shadow; the consequences of social media. Depression, suicide, guilt, failure.

All because of this fantastic surface. In many ways social media has become the new Russian Roulette. You are either one of the four lucky people, or you are the one person whose life will forever be different.

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