Manuscript Brexit and young UK citizens

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome. It ́s an honor to be here today, I have been looking forward to being here. I am very happy to see so many here tonight to listen to me talking about “Brexit and Young UK Citizens.”

Before I start talking about the topic, I just want to introduce myself: My name is Mackenzie Beer and I am 20 years old and I live in California with my family. On a daily basis I work in Brandy Melville.

I will briefly go over tonight’s agenda. I’m going to standing up here for about twenty-five minutes to half an hour.

After that, there will be time for asking me questions if you might have any. So that’s why I would like you to hold on to your questions until after my speech.

Now, first I will explain to you what Brexit will mean to us as the young citizens in the UK. By leaving EUs benefits from the membership in 28 different countries will be gone.

We will not have the same opportunities as before being able to travel freely, free trade with all EU memberships, and be able to meet people from other countries with other cultures.

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