An unfair future for the young Brits | Essay

Back in 2016, the EU referendum was held. It was time to decide for Brexit, should Britain leave the EU or should they stay?

An extremely simple question with a surprisingly complicated answer, that has left the country’s civilization divided.

And with a slight majority of the votes, Brexit became a reality and the UK was set to leave the EU. Among all the voters, there is a clear view of who wanted to remain in the EU, and who would like to leave.

Following Brexit, the UK stands to face even more challenges. First and foremost, British businesses have been warned to brace themselves for a severe workforce crisis, which has been triggered by Brexit.

The number of workers entering employment is expected to fall behind the rate of the population’s growth for the first time in half a century.

The British workforce is expected to rise by 820.000 people by 2025, which marks a massive slowdown, compared to the previous decade, when almost 2 million people entered employment. This is why businesses fear a potential labour shortage.

Britain has an ageing population, which is the reason why more workers are needed to enter the health and care professions.

An employment consultant, named Mercer, estimates there will be an additional 2 million people aged 65 or higher by 2025, which requires up to 710.000 workers from the new workforce, leaving just 110.000 workers available for the rest of the economy.

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