Being young | Essay | 12 i karakter

I often hear people say that young people are very lazy and anti-social because the only thing they want to do is lying down in the bed and be on social media.

But the thing is that we have a community on social media because we are together in the same universe and we can get inspired by each other.

But as soon as we are being social in the form of partying, drinking alcohol and stuff like that, we are irresponsible.

We get a lot more criticism than praise and I’m very upset about that. Talking about irresponsibility, in the movie Juno, a high school girl accidentally becomes pregnant and decides to keep the baby but give it up for adoption to a couple

who wants to have a child so bad but can’t do it in a natural way. I think that part of the case is very responsible, but it’s not responsible that she and her baby’s father didn’t use protection when they had sex.

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