Brexit – soft or hard exit | Engelsk essay

Britain recently stood in front of a very difficult referendum; to leave or to stay in the European Union – EU partnership. The majority voted last year on June 23th, 2016 to leave the engagement with EU – which left the country with a Brexit. The Brexit has left the United Kingdom(UK) with massive changes and immediate consequences. Today the prime minister Theresa May is preparing an agreement with the European headquarters to either leave with a soft or a hard Brexit.

The British Exit, referred to the United Kingdom’s decision of June 23th. last year’s referendum to leave the engagement with EU. The UK sets out how to leave the partnership with EU with “article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty”. When first the article 50 is triggered, the EU council and the UK has two years to finalize a withdrawn agreement, which both partners are satisfied with. The final deal between the European Union and the United Kingdom is to be accepted by both and have an enhanced majority. The EU supreme court must have a majority, which means that 20 out of 27 European member state need to consent the agreement.

After the former prime minister David Cameron campaigned for a remain in the EU, he lost the election and short after announced his resignation. Theresa May as the only candidate standing left and also campaigned to remain accepted the station, which makes her path to power easier than most of her ancestors. Her path to power may have been easy, but it will be the hardest time in office.

The total outcome of the referendum was 52 percent of the UK to withdraw from the EU. Britain has sent their representative David Davis MP (member of parliament) from Yorkshire, to enter an agreement with the French politician Michel Barnier the EU represent

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