Trump’s Exit | Essay | 10 i karakter

This article is about trump's exit as president. Journalist Jim Acosta, who writes for CNN, writes about when Trump leaves the white house and the post of President of the United States, which pleases many.

CNN is not a Trump supporter and certainly doesn't write very well about trump in this article here.

OVERBOLLEN  INDLEDNINGEN: In his article for CNN from January 20, 2021, Journalist Jim Acosta once again writes about a man of whom neither he nor CNN have been particularly fond.

UNDERBOLLEN  AFSLUTNINGEN: CNN is a news platform that has never flattered or sympathised with Trump, this article is no exception.

Jim Acosta is very focused on when Trump renounced not wanting to attend Joe Biden's inauguration, which was otherwise a tradition, and he is therefore giving a farewell speech out front of the white house before resigning completely as president of the United States.

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