The current situation in the US and the effects of Trumps actions

The year 2020 has been a rough start to the new decade. It started out hopeful, but lurking around the corner was the worst outbreak of a virus we have seen for nearly a century. The Coronavirus, which in the beginning may seemed less as a threat than it actually was, spread rapidly. In less than 5 months, the outbreak grew into a global pandemic.

A rather small virus, which had formed in the small town of Wuhan in China, had now spread to most of the world. To this day, the virus is still present and spreading, but some countries have been more impacted than others have. We can see the different outcomes of various actions countries have taken, in the numbers of casualties.

The virus though has not just brought us sickness it has also made a huge crack in the world economy, which has sent many countries, companies and individuals in great debt and many people have been left unemployed.

Some countries have made many restrictions while others have made less. One of the countries who have taken a great hit is the US, both financially and with casualties.

It is up to discussion whether the actions of Donald Trump has worsened the state of the US. This is what I will try to argument for and against by looking into the actions taken by Trump and take a look at how they will, and already have affected the country.

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