Trumps Inaugural Address | Analysis | 10 i karakter

A key part of a new president’s transition into a four-year term being the president of the United States, is the Inauguration Ceremony.

The Inauguration Ceremony includes this president’s Inaugural Address, which is an important part of the Ceremony, The Inaugural Address is a speech the president makes, where he for example pays his respects to the previous president and talks about his policies to gain appeal from the people of the united states.

In this paper we will focus on the 45th president, Donald Trump and his Inaugural Address. One of the many things that makes Donald Trump stand out is his speech style, what makes his particular speech style stand out?

Donald Trump’s vocabulary

A definite characteristic of the Inaugural Address is the rhythm. It is important to find an appropriate rhythm for the speech which lets the audience enjoy the speech like a piece of music or poetry.

Donald Trump is aware of this rhythm and uses it throughout his speech. He puts stress on specific words to give them a more serious meaning.

In line 55 in his Inaugural Address, he talks about the deterioration of middle-class American society. He says:

“The wealth of our middle class has been ripped from their homes and then redistributed across the entire world”.

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