Education has not always been free for everyone. It was once a privilege only few had the fortune and opportunity of receiving.

In USA for example black people were not allowed to get an education until the Emancipation Proclamation, and black students did not begin to enter predominantly white schools in significant numbers until the 1960s .

This is one of the things Michelle Obama, the former first lady of USA from 2009 to 2017, discusses in her commencement address to graduates from bowie state university, which I am going to analyze.

Talking about statistics to back up her claim - we can actually characterize some of the modes of persuasion Obama uses. In fact, Michell Obama actually uses far more Pathos than Logos. She uses a lot of examples of historical hate crimes directed at African Americans.

As: “other black schools across Maryland were burned to the ground” (line 92-93), and “they were spat on, jeered at, punched, and tripped as they walked down the halls” (line 141-143).

These few examples evoke lots of emotions and touches the audition, with strong feelings of sadness and injustice. She also uses Logos, when she cites a couple of statistics as:

“People who earn a bachelor’s degree or higher make nearly three times more money than high school dropouts, and they’re far less likely to be unemployed” (line 187-191).

These studies help to back up Obamas claim and makes her look sensible. Lastly, Michell Obama also uses Ethos, when she draws from her own experiences, an example of this is when she says:

“see, my parents didn’t go to College, but they were determined to give us that opportunity” (line 272-274).