Narendra Modi’s statement on India’s IT industry | Questions


1) Comment on Narendra Modi's statement on India's IT industry.

2) Ahead of the 2015 budget, in what key areas had Indian government failed?

3) Explain the significance of intellectual property protection and how this is linked to innovation.

4) Why doesn't increased spending on research and development get the desired results?

5) What is the difference between the innovation culture in India and that of "innovation-rich countries"?

6) What do the Global Innovation Index charts show?

7) Going back to the first question: Is free enterprise the way forward for India?

Intellectual property protection is protected in law by, for example patents copyright and trademarks.

This enables people to earn recognition or financial benefit from what they invent or create. People cite Intellectual property protection (IP) as a crucial thing for innovation.

To measure commitment to innovation, you measure via IP protection efforts. India ranked 29 out of 30 countries in 2015.


In the Indian innovation culture, they think spending more money will help the innovation grow.

In innovation-rich countries, synergies of multi-faceted policy interventions used and systemic cultural reform at both the organizational and individual levels.

In innovation-rich countries there is a tolerance for failure which is a fundamental to the creative process, where in India, it’s not as acceptable to fail.

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