Problem statement | 3D printing

What could 3D-printing mean to the future, and could 3D-printers take over any human job involving manufacturing, and if so, what would it do to economics across the world?

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3D-printing is a type of manufacturing, that allows any user to create and print, basically any product they would like. To this day, 3D-printers are getting more affordable, which makes the product possible for home use. Any person can go out and buy a 3D-printer, and with just a little bit of CAD-design skill, they can print any product within the proper dimensions of their printer. And although the prices of these machines are still pretty high, many futurists and theorists foresee a future in which the 3D-printer will be as normal in a regular household, as the regular paper-printer. This could mean that any household with a 3D-printer could print out any item. If they break the handle to their closet, they can print out a replacement part. If their 3-year old kid breaks a plate, they can print out a new one. The possibilities are endless, and these examples are only scratching the surface of what’s to come.

The medical industry has already begun printing out internal body parts, and this could literally save any persons life. If a person has a heart failure, a hospital could easily scan that person using X-ray, and 3D-print a new heart for this person. Researchers have already printed replicas of human hearts, functioning arms, hands, and legs, blood vessels for people with heart problems, and hundreds of other working body parts.

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