The word evil has many definitions, but what lays beneath the word and what is it exactly? for you to understand the word evil, it must be divided into 4 categories. Demonic evil, instrumental evil, idealistic evil, and foolish evil.

Demonical evil is the desired Evil. The desired evil is where you want to hurt the goal, either physically or mentally. This is the purest form of evil there is, and it is extremely wicked and immoral. This type of evil is usually seen in serial killers.

Instrumental evil is if someone hurts to achieve its goal. for example. Mia would like to be the only girl who has long hair in the class, so she starts cutting other girls' hair off.

The evil is used as an instrument or a tool to achieve what the person wants to accomplish. This type of evil is found in gang-related crimes.

Idealistic evil is when you do something evil, but with the belief that you are doing it for a larger case, you could maybe have an ideology about it. For example, The terrorists who flew into the World Trade center did it because of their beliefs.

A proverb says “the ends justify the means” which basically means, if you do the harmful thing for a greater cause, you are not responsible for the act.

At last, we have the foolish evil. Foolish evil is where you don’t intentionally think of the consequences of your actions. If you, for example, call a person something bad.

All of these types of evil can you see in your everyday life, whether it’s in your own society or it in the past where people have studied it.