Rebecca and the Neighbours | Engelsk Essay | Assignment 3a

This written assignment consists of three tasks:
• Task 1: reading

• Task 2: summary

• Task 3: grammar

All tasks must be answered individually and independently.
All tasks are based on the short story Rebecca and the Neighbours

“Rebecca and the Neighbours” is about a family, who arrive in England from India. The father in the story is a bus conductor. The mother works from home as a seamstress. The main characters in the story is Rebecca and her little sister Savitri. At the beginning of the story, you hear about how the sister’s personality and behavior are.

The younger sister, Savitri, she is a hardworking and smart child. But her older sister Rebecca, she is more of a rebel. She does not do well in school. The family lives in a place called Petunia Mansion. In Petunia Mansion lives a lot of foreigners. One day, a new family moved in beneath Rebecca’s family. The family that moved in, was not good neighbors. They played music late at night and was very noisy. They did not have any respect at all, especially not for foreigners like Rebecca and her family. After a while, the new family’s son racially and violently abused Rebecca, by throwing a rock at her and calling her names. That went on for a bit until Rebecca noticed the council about the family’s behavior and later the police about them. In the end, Rebecca was raped by the son and some of his friends, but she kept it secret because she did not want to disappoint her parents.

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